6 Reasons that stops most people from owning their own blog

November 8, 2013 at 4:00 pm

Does having your own blog scare you?

Are you unsure of the steps to take?

The one reason I find with most of my clients is the technical parts of blogging.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to understand about blogging:

You need to have your own domain name – this is inexpensive and easy to acquire. Use your keywords to find a good domain name.

You will need to have your own hosting – this is inexpensive and easy to acquire. Most hosting companies come with the ability of accessing what is called Control Panel -cpanel this is all you need to install a word press blog. Just a few clicks and your are done.

Layout for your blog – you can get free themes on how your blog will look. There are thousands of free themes out there. Just keep in mind your niche and keeping your navigation easy to use for your readers.

Flexibility – most blogs are very flexible today. You can change the way your sidebars look and act with simple add ons known as plug ins. There are thousands out there, but a word of caution here, do not think you need every single one. You only need a few to get started to make your blog user friendly.

Posting – blogs are known for people expressing their opinions and talking about their passions. You do need to write posts to keep traffic coming to your blog. If you are writing about something you enjoy then this shouldn’t be difficult. You don’t have to be a copywriter to accomplish this, just write tips and suggestions on your passion, you will be surprised just how many others share this.

Selling products or services – this is probably a big thing for most bloggers. Is to make some money while having fun. It is very easy to add products to your blog either by banners, clickable text, and even have a storefront on your blog. Your blog can have multiple pages and links to other services and products that your readers can click through to so you can make some money selling your products or affiliate products.

As you can see from these 6 easy to understand steps, having your own blog is easy, fast, and can even earn you some income. This is probably why so many today are turning to having a word press blog instead of the standard websites, ease of use and not much technical skills needed.

Here I specialize in helping others get their own WordPress Store front set up and getting branded. If you are interested in this option please check this out.  Getting Your Own Store Front