Hello and welcome to Blogging For Beginners, this page is dedicated to my sister who was always there for me and helped me become the person I am today.

Things can happen that change our lives forever without notice. That happened to me and I am still in shock. I was doing great with my own hosting company, building websites for others and helping them learn the ins and outs.

Then that dreaded day came, my world was shattered…forever changed!

July 29th, 2007, A phone call changed my entire life forever! It was my mom stating my sister, mentor, campaign and much more had passed away in the night! Shocked and confused, I put everything I had done on hold for months…

I knew if there was one thing I had to do, it was to give back what my sister gave me. Confidence and assurance that things happen for a good reason. My sister, (I prefer not to mention her name), had the dream of helping me succeed with my web design business, and I plan on fulfilling that dream for her.

After months of grieving and doubting myself, I knew I had to get on with my life, not for just myself but my family too.

That’s what she would of wanted

Now, with some real thinking and soul searching…..

I’ve made my decision…

Maybe it’s already happened to you…..Maybe you are Ready to make those dreams finally come true…Right Now!!!

You make a lot of mistakes along the path of life, we all do, some we regret and others we are proud of. For some reason, all those regrets come to surface when you lose someone special…

      You regret for saying something that hurt them
      You regret not telling them you loved them enough
      You regret not seeing them more often
      and the list can of course go on and on….

With all that has happened within my life these last few years, the one thing I always kept in mind, I was going to make it online, I was going to help others at any cost. And you know what I have!

When things were really tough for my family, we were on welfare years ago, living with relatives, it was my beloved sister who encouraged me to start learning to build websites. I already loved messing with computers, programming here and there and that was way back when DOS was the only language you knew. Big huge computers with big huge disks.

I remember my first computer it was an old Commodore 64, I was so happy and proud that I finally had my own computer, boy looking back now, it was a sorry thing for a computer LOL

I went everywhere I could go to learn HTML, PHP, and all that other stuff. Once I started applying it, I found it was fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

Again it was my sister, who got me to do more with it. She actually wrote a lot of my old website stuff for me. We were a great team for awhile, but then she had many disabilities and it took her away from working anymore.

So all I could do now was do it myself…

It was a struggle at first, but the more I stuck with it
the easier it got and it can get the way for you too.

Now you won’t have to start at ground zero like I did,
I’ve taken out all the guess work for you.

By following the easy step by steps I have laid out for designing web pages you’ll have your website up within days or even hours, depending a lot on your commitment.

And it won’t matter if you are a beginner with your first computer or a novice with all this. This blog will even show the more experienced web designer a trick or two :)

Now, I didn’t have a mentor at the time when I started out, I spent endless hours searching and reading how to put websites together, what worked and what wouldn’t.
Then Bamm!!!!

It hit me like a ton of bricks! If I was having these problems, then I am sure others are too. Why don’t I get all my notes and research stuff together and put it into simple to follow steps that anyone can understand. (without all that techy stuff)

This how Lauras Basics to Web Designing was Born!
I’m very proud of what I’ve put together for you!

With this blog I have put together the easiest and simplest way to build a website from scratch that even my 16 year old son (who suffers with ADD/Bipolar) has used with success. (check it out here http://raptortodd.com )

With these steps you’ll get a website online fast and easy. I am not going to sit here and write up a bunch of hype and stuff, I hate that stuff and I’m sure, just like me, you’ve heard it all before.

I’m not going to show up a bunch of proof of this and that, anyone can put anything on a website.

What I will do is tell you that for those that I have helped build their websites, are very happy and satisfied with my work.

Well, that’s my story of how I got online, and how Blogging For Beginners was born. I am here to help those that are willing to commit themselves and learn the basics.

To Our Success,

Laura Miller

You can contact me here – Laura Miller