Blogging Mistakes to Avoid – Top 5 Mistakes – Most Make them…Are YOU?

November 10, 2013 at 10:00 am

I’ve discovered these to be some blogging mistakes to avoid, keep reading to find out if you are making them.

Having a word press blog today is almost as common as having a website online. It seems everyone is turning to using blogs in place of a standard website. They are being told how easy it is, yes that is true, but what they aren’t being told is what needs to be done in order for your blog to stand out from the rest.

Here is a list of some of the top mistakes most make with their new blogs and the solutions:

1. You are not using a word press self hosted blog.

Solution: Get your own domain name from a reliable registrar like GoDaddyand get yourself the right kind of hosting from  HostGator they are one of the best hosting companies,  the support you get is outstanding.

2. Not having your blog user friendly and search engine friendly.

Solution: Make sure that your navigation is easy to understand and follow for your visitors. There is a lot of talk whether a navigation should be on top or below the header, on the left or right.  I have tested all these areas and I haven’t found that one works better than another.  Just be sure it is easy to find and understand. Now to make your blog search engine friendly is very easy to do, all you really need is a free plug in called All-In-One-SEO after you upload it just set it up. It’s not hard to do just follow the instructions. The most important parts of this is to make sure you are using keywords in your post titles and good descriptions. Make sure to also, enter in valid information into the All-In-One-SEO plug in when you make your posts.

3. Not changing the way your links look for browsers and search engines.

Solution: the default url for any blog post or blog page is not only ugly but search engines will never find your post or pages. Just go into your dashboard and click on Settings, then click on Permalinks. Here you are going to see a few different ways you can set how your links will look. The best way to do this is to select the Custom one and enter into the box /%postname%/ this will make your posts and pages links look nicer and search engines will now know what your blog is about and start to index you.

4. Not putting links within their posts and pages.

Solution: There are many different ways to do this, and you don’t need to know HTML to do it. At the top of the area where you type in your post or page there is a section, it is labeled link or it is a picture that looks like a paperclip. Highlight the words you want to be clickable and then enter in the proper link, so when visitors come across your post they can click the words to be taken to the website or blog of your choosing. This is a good way to also link to other pages or posts on your site, this is highly recommended to do, as it will keep visitors on your site longer.

5. Not having videos on your blog.

Solution: Today videos are all over the place. I have found that the #1 reason most do not have a video on their post or pages is they think they have to make it. This is soo not true. Just head over to YouTube and find a video you like that is related to your blog, to the right on YouTube is a code its called embed just highlight this code and insert it into your post. Now you will need to make sure that the tabs at the top of your posts read TEXT and not Visual or it won’t work. There are also plug ins that will assist you with inserting videos into your posts and pages. Just go to Google and do a search for them, most plug ins are free!

Just by following these solutions to some of the top 5 mistakes most make will make your blog stand out more and help the search engines find you. This will increase your traffic and then of course increase your sign ups and sales